• Hathaikan Chootrakool Faculty of Science and Technology, Suan Dusit University, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Pichet Treewai College of Logistics and Supply Chain, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Bangkok, Thailand
  • Akradesh Chootrakool Somkiat Business Company Limited, Thailand
Keywords: Motivation, Loyalty, Satisfaction, Factor Analysis


            Businesses have been moving forward rapidly in the field of technological innovation. Business organizations need to adapt and innovate to survive in the business world. Managers are responsible for the success of business companies, however the main drivers of success are the company employees. Their loyalty and working performance are significant keys to the success of any business organization. Without these it would be difficult for business organizations to achieve their mission, vision and goals. Workplace motivation is very important as it is key to increasing job satisfaction amongst employees. Consequently, they become more loyal and increase the energy they put into their work. The level of motivation and satisfaction exhibited towards an organization varies from employee to employee. The company has fewer problems if the turnover rate is low, as this shows that employees have a high level of loyalty towards the company. To prevent committed and talented employees from leaving the company, they need to be retained. The purpose of this research will be on motivation and satisfaction, and the impact that have on employee loyalty related data. The data has been collected from a case study company called Somkiat Business Company Limited (SKB) located in Kanchanaburi. The qualitative approach has been applied to the study.