• Jagraval Sukmaitree 1College of Innovation and Management, Sunandha Rajabhat University
  • Phramed havinaiyaros Lecturer in Graduate School, Mahamakut Buddhist University
Keywords: Thailand, Social Management, Buddhism


Thailand is one of the countries which have a long period of history in the world. It has prominence in its culture that can be traced back from the past to the present, which is consisted of archeological site reflecting the growth and prosperity of Buddhism as the main religion which plays an important role to people in the country. Thailand is consisted of various ethnic groups, and each group has its own history and interesting culture. Even though, Thailand has many ethnic groups and tribes, but Thai people maintains living together with peace. This reflects that Thailand has good social management from the past to the present, which makes Thai society live together with harmony and unity. It can be said that the factor which plays an important role in social management from the past to the present is Buddhism. Buddhism is the spiritual anchor, which unites Thai people to be a harmonized society; and this can be seen from various cultural heritages. For the above reasons, Thailand has been accepted as the city of the yellow robe of Buddhism.