• Salinee Raggatanyoo Lecturer in Graduate School, Mahamakut Buddhist University
  • Krittapol Thongdonpum Lecturer in Graduate School, Mahamakut Buddhist University
Keywords: Good Governance, Corruption, Thai Society


Thai society is facing many problems such as economic problem, social problem, environmental problem, prostitute problem, and so on. But there is one problem which Thai society does not pay sufficient attention and this problem still maintains its importance in the current Thai society that is “corruption problem.” Corruption problem solving requires an application of various methods and cooperation from each sector as a mass problem solving. The theories that support this kind of problem solving are various, such as “state of law theory, or state ruled by law”, which means state that is ruled or controlled by law, and “the principle to examine the government power”, which the power of the government can be examined by public and private sector, and so on. Currently, in Thailand there are some groups of people or organizations whether public or private trying to examine the operation of the government. This article presents the ways to solve corruption problems at two levels: Individual level, this level is to create immunity in ethics and professional code of conduct; and social level, this level is to apply good governance principles, which are appeared or existed in Thai society. This depends on how each sector, can join hand in the real and continuous implementation, starting from family, school, organization, community and society in order to create the system of good governance administration in each section of the society.