• Anothai Arunruang
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Sirilak Ketchaya


Graduate students in campus is so significant for the success of the university. It pays higher tuitions every years and it often demands high quality services. Satisfaction of graduate students in computer training programs is one of the most important training programs of university. It provides many kinds of knowledge, skills, information technology services, computer labs, trainings, internet, and modern facilities. Successful management of office of information technology often reflects the level of satisfaction of the students as the main users. The aim of this research was to investigate the management factors and policies that affected the high level of satisfaction from the graduate students or users’ perspectives. This was a quantitative research study which was done by interviewing with 120 graduate students who were the main users of computer labs and who were affected by the management and policy of the university. Statistical analysis was done by utilizing SPSS program. Mean, and standard deviation were used for data analysis and findings. The result of this investigation can be reported that the majority of graduate students had a very high level of satisfaction on computer training programs. Each items of high level of satisfaction included orderly of the office, new and upgraded of computer and its facilities, high standard of service from staff, opening and closing time, and quality of trainings assessment. There are five suggestions from this study. First is to provide an upgrade computer facility and equipment. Second is to offer flexible training times and practice times. Third is to offer a personal training for both master and Ph.D. students