• Putjai Indranoi College of Logistics and Supply Chain, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand
Keywords: Green Warehousing, Drive Factors, Thai Air cargo


             Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment are related agencies to supervise the role of the business sector and the public sector to be in accordance with the standards of the environmental management system which has a primary mission to create sustainability for natural resources and the environment by proceeding through the development of citizens in Thai society to become aware and ready to participate in the preservation, rehabilitation and utilization of the environment with value and sustainability forever. However, an important organization in the industry that is responsible for overseeing environmental management system standards is The Environmental Technology Promotion for Factory Division a part of The Division of the Industrial factory that under The Ministry of industry. The division has a mission to establish 5 levels of criteria for the industrial sector in order to promote and push industrial operators to develop and improve continuously to become a green industry. The air Cargo industry is one of the integrated approaches and driving strategies which under the 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan (2017-2013). In addition to Strategy 7 which is the main strategy for system development Logistics and supply chain.(Rattanawan,2018) Strategy 4 is other strategies that are relevant guidelines to support development. Thai Airways International Public Company Limited is part of the conclusion of the discussion discussed the work conditions, the employees were less satisfied due to the cleanliness of the workplace, working equipment and working tools. Surrounding environment causes employees not to be enthusiastic about their work. The step towards becoming a green warehouse is a very challenging activity as it has to go through many details and requires a large amount of operating budget to achieve the standard. Therefore, the development of the Thai Air Cargo warehouse of Thai Airways Public Company Limited should find the driving force resulting from the prerequisite understanding knowledge of employees at the first place. If employees have a better understanding of green management as a result, it will easier to step into the green air warehouse development process and reduce operating budgets.