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Keywords: operation frozen food in Ranong, operation frozen food


          The frozen food industry in Thailand had export product and create the revenue of high-value for Thailand. The frozen food can response consumers that work hard and have urgent. Consumers prefer to eat frozen seafood that emphasizes comfort also packed in sealed packaging that clean and hygienic. From this research had the objective as follows; (1) to study the Logistics production of frozen food in Ranong (2.) to study the problem and solution in the production process by using the fishbone diagram (3.) to study the competitive ability by using SWOT for analysis. The researcher used a qualitative research and gathering the information from documents related research, website and observation method and interviewing department heads of companies in Ranong. From the research the process of frozen food were as follows;1. The company buy shrimp and squid from farms that have quality and bringing shrimp and squid back to the company.2. Bring shrimp and squid from containers and import raw materials into a sorting machine.3. Bring shrimp and squid are cleaned to get rid of contaminants. And reduce the initial amount of microorganisms in raw materials.4. When cleaning, there will be staff to sort the raw materials again.5.Production process will be removed shrimp shells cut back and squid will be peeled off, cut eyes and ink bags the characteristics required by customers.6. Quality grading raw materials will be used to drain the water before selecting the size, quality and weighing.7. Individual quick freezing (I.Q.F.) is a method for producing frozen products or one piece selected products will be sorted on the conveyor belt to be shipped into the freezer. 8. Packing shrimp and squid into a box packaging.9. Inspect the quality and contamination of raw materials by inspection machines and from QC staff.10. Store raw materials in the cooling room. From the study of the production process, most of the problems were human error and machine breakdown. To analyze by use SWOT found competitive ability in Ranong has an advantage on the Andaman coast and Myanmar which is source of raw materials. And Ranong province also has many workers who specialize in the production of frozen seafood.