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Keywords: Trade with neighboring countries, Border trade, shipping


                  Ranong Province is a border province with Kawthong City Myeik and Dawei or Tavoy Republic of the Union of Myanmar. It has a contact trade from sea and road transportation. The total value of border trade once a year several million baht. Ranong has port that can accommodate international trade. Which Ranong province has established as a trade gateway through the Andaman coast. In order to support marketing channels and develop quality and increase economic potential and value of border trade with the ASEAN community. Including promoting and supporting the business of trading and marketing of various products and services. Increase the opportunity of business competition among entrepreneurs by dividing the negotiations into various branches such as agriculture, tourism, Construction and housing fields, fisheries branches, etc. From this research had the objective as study about explore the shipping routes at neighboring countries. (Ranong - Kawthong City). The researcher used a qualitative research and gathering the information from documents related research, Field Study and In-depth Interview. From the research were as follows transportation routes in neighboring countries (Ranong - Kawthong City) there are 4 permanent border crossing points and 1 indulgent for trading such as 1.border cross Pak Nam Ranong Tambon Paknam Muang Ranong.2. border cross of wharf area Tambon Bang Rin Amphoe Meuang Ranong 3. border cross of wharf Andaman club is sub-district, Amphur Muang Ranong.4. . border cross of customs area (Ranong - Kawthong City). And border crossing points and 1 indulgent for trading include The border cross for the Thai-Republic border trade of the Union of Myanmar, Khao Kha-Chi, Bang Kaeo Subdistrict, La-un District, Ranong Province.