• Atidtaya Bousri College of Innovation and Management Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University
  • Watsamon Santaweesuk Institute of Research and Development Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University
Keywords: Digital marketing, innovations for prototype products, creative, spa tourism


This research is primarily quantitative research combined with semi-operational quality research by integrating online and offline tools. To carry out the marketing of innovative spa products. Souvenir Products Local food coupled with tourism and tourist routes to suit purchasing habits. Tourism and consumer demand are changing with the development of content suitable for social media according to consumer behavior (Customer Persona) personality traits. Lifestyle or lifestyle of the target audience and demand. The goal is to build awareness, manage customer relationships, build brands, and generate sales, including: (1) creating a digital linkage of product trading channels; There are 3 platforms: Facebook, LINE, Instagram, (2) Creating a path to connect video content from the main platforms, Namely YouTube and Facebook, (3) Advertising through Google ads.
The study found that the majority of Thai consumers are female, under 25 years of age, single status, undergrad degree, student/student occupation. Household income per month is less than 13,500 baht, Buddhist, most foreign consumers are males, under 25 years of age, single status, bachelor’s degree, professional professionals. Monthly household income is less than 13,500 baht or more. It’s like a backpacking tourist and coming from Europe. Thais have an average frequency of street food eating about 6 times a week. It was found that loyalty has the greatest overall impact (0.351), followed by badges that promote self-image (0.117), functional benefits (0.085), personality badges (0.063), customer retention (0.040), where loyalty has a direct impact. As for badges that promote one's own image. Functional benefits Personality badges, customer retention have an indirect impact on the willingness to pay a high price, through loyalty and factors that correlate with satisfaction. Loyalty and willingness to pay high prices of Thai tourists An assessment of the total overall impact (both directly and indirectly) of various factors affecting the willingness to pay a high price. It was found that loyalty had the greatest overall impact (0.683), followed by value for money (0.452), where loyalty had a direct impact. Value section It has an indirect impact on the willingness to pay a high price.