• Ananthawut Hongthong Doctor of Philosophy Program in Development Administration Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok Thailand
Keywords: Hospital Development, Hospital Standards, Advanced quality


This research aims to present the hospital development model to achieve advanced quality hospital standards. The researchers used qualitative research methods by collecting data from documents. Analysis of data with descriptive results found that improvements in operations or ways of working, It must be systematically and continuously learned and improved, as a mechanism to stimulate the development of the quality of the entire hospital system in a directional manner. There are a joint learning exchange with consultants and certification by external organizations, as well as continuous assessment and development. At the heart of quality, is patient-centered, with the goal being the quality that patients receive. All staff are committed to quality work, there is internal and interdisciplinary team collaboration, there is a standard of work. There is a reliable monitoring system for both general and patient care. In addition, patient safety must be improved. By having a risk or incidence reporting system. Causal tactics used to identify, analyze, evaluate, manage, Monitor and communicate risks related to department/department activities or hospital operations to minimize losses in failing to achieve the goal and maximize opportunities, it is a systematic and continuous hospital operating process. In order to reduce the cause of each potential damage, the hospital will need to continuously improve its work system to meet the needs of the recipients of the work by striving for excellence and meeting international standards.