• Komkrit Rattamanee Faculty of Science and Technology, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand
Keywords: Rum Wong Dance, Physical Fitness, the Elderly


Thailand has entered a completely aged society at present. Physical fitness is essential to the life of the elderly. The decrease in physical fitness due to age-related deterioration of the elderly as well as the congenital disease will affect their physical, mental, and social life. Therefore, improving physical fitness is crucial for the elderly to maintain a high quality of life.
This research aims to study the effectiveness of the Rum Wong dance on physical fitness of the elderly in Nakhon Pathom province. Data were collected from 35 samples, using the physical fitness test for aging. Statistical methods used to analyze data were the descriptive statistics, frequency, percentage, average, the Standard deviation, and the paired t-test to compare at the statistical level of p< 0.05 significance.
The results of the study found that
1. General information of participants of "Rum Wong dance" has a total of 35 people answering the test. Most of them were female, which consisted of 523 persons or at the percentage of 97.10. The majority were at the age range of 60 to 69 with a total of 30 people or at the percentage of 85.70. Sources of income were mostly from the pension with a total of 17 people or at the percentage of 48.60. They mostly have the body mass index equal to 18.5 to 22.9 (Weight-appropriate) in a total of 20 people or at the percentage of 57.10. The majority has congenital disease in a total of 18 people or at the percentage of 51.40 and with the exercise behavior at more than 3 times in a total of 34 people or at the percentage of 97.10. Most of them attended the rhythmic activities in a total of 26 people or at the percentage of 74.30.
2. The comparison of the physical fitness of the elderly before and after participation in the Rum Wong dance by applying the Pair t-test to examine the t value. It was found that the physical fitness of the elderly increased after participating in all indices. The indices that increased had statistical differences were 6 items: the Skinfold Thickness (mm), the 30 seconds Arm Curl (times), the 30 seconds Chair Stand (times), the Back Scratch Test (cm), and the 2-minute Step test (times). There are 5 tests that has no significant difference which includes the pulse rate during the rest time (times/min), systolic blood pressure (mm Hg), diastolic blood pressure (mm Hg), sitting crouched forward (cm) and the agility course (seconds).