• Natsuree Techawiriyataweesin Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand
Keywords: Creation, Painting, Expressionism, Female, The Mask


The Creation of Painting series “The Mask” consists of oil paintings that reflect the story of modern-day ladies who place high value on their appearance. Using imagination to compare the face as if it were the “front of the house” that was once again covered with a mask to conceal from the eyes of individuals and society, preventing them from peeping and observing life and feeling under the mask.
This study aimed to study the creation process of painting with the uniqueness in visual art according to this following process: (1) A study of content and social issues of social values regarding female beauty. (2) The influence of Expressionism Art (3) A case study of the expressionist artists' works that has the influence on the creation (4) The analysis and synthesis of datasets into inspiration (5) Determining concepts of creation (6) Preparation of supplies and equipment to create the actual works (7) Developing the sketch that related to the concept of creation from the photograph (8) The creation of painting with the technique of oil painting on canvas (9) The preservation of the finished work and (10) The publication of painting series in the form of an art exhibition
The result obtained from studying the creation of the Painting series “The Mask” found that creative development was divided into 3 phases: Phase 1 with 3 paintings, Phase 2 with 5 paintings, and Phase 3 with 8 paintings. Every painting is the result of an integrated creation in terms of inspiration, concepts, works, creative techniques, and the meaning of the works of painting. All of these paintings have been released to the public in the form of contemporary art exhibitions as well.