• Siratcha Samleethong Lecturer of Fashion Design, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thailand
  • Suwit Sadsunk Lecturer of Fashion Design, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thailand
Keywords: consumer needs, business development, fashion & lifestyle products, local in Thailand


This research objective for (1) study the changing trends and the importance of global trends. Affect business development and / or product development (2) study current consumer demand trends (3) analyze and synthesize global changing trends and consumer demand. That will affect business development and / or local product development in Thailand, the researcher has compiled sample content related to the context and scope of the study from various academic articles. both domestically and internationally, published on the website (documentary research) and in-depth interviews of various experts. related to the educational context, there are content that should be considered as a guideline for business development. design and develop prototype products that meet consumer needs. to study the trends, changes and the importance of the 2030 world trend, the researcher determined the dimensions of the factors studied, consisting of 5 factors: 1) environmental factors 2) environmental factors. Society 3) technological factor 4) market factor and 5) situation factor COVID-19 Current trends in consumer demand by determining dimensions to be studied in 6 dimensions: 1) needs of the elderly and the new generation 2) necessity for life and 3) the need for businesses to be socially and environmentally responsible; 4) requirements for clear and transparent information on products and services to support purchasing decisions; 5) happiness in exchange for the convenience of purchase. - use - after-sales service 6) demand in the COVID-19 crisis that has changed consumer behavior.
The results of the study revealed that has found that Covid-19 is a catalyst for global businesses and consumer behavior change is technology Disruption, but now there is a new catalyst. the global COVID-19 epidemic business needs to focus on technology in order to spread brands to target audiences through online channels that will be the primary channel. focusing on circular economy, focusing on the value of raw materials, resources and products to be as long as for the development of local Thai products, it is to find the strengths, uniqueness and identity of each area Give each community a unique (Identity), combining technology and local wisdom. To create creativity (Idea) to create new things to meet the needs of target customers such as patterns, patterns, colors and styles, etc. most people still want bright. In addition, with the character of Thai people who love to have fun, they look for products that satisfy their mood and mind.