• Jaruwan Mueangkhwa Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Suan sunandha Rajabhat University
Keywords: painting, cat, faith, dream, visual aesthetic


Creation of the article entitled “The Visual Aesthetic of Dream and Soul” is a two-dimensional painting using an acrylic technique on canvas. This artwork depicts the image of the cats in a colorful atmosphere with starry sky which is likely to be an imaginary dream of faith and hope to stay alive. Cats have long been engaged with human beliefs. In each specific environmental area, there will be a history of different beliefs about cats from the past to the present. Nowadays, in the era of advanced technology that allows humans to embrace more knowledge and understanding of science critically and systematically. Human also enables to spontaneously receive information from all over the world without boundaries. Therefore, young people who are encouraged by these situations will have opportunities to create a lot of creative works even if they are in a highly competitive era. For new generations, there are different ways to achieve their dream depending on one individual. In Thailand, young people still have some beliefs that have been passed down from their ancestors. Even if there is scientific data as facts, human being needs encouragement to be used as a driving force to balance their preferences and duties. For some people, cat is considered as their company, source of happiness and good fortune for themselves.
From the above content, this acrylic painting was created and inspired by individual stories as well as spiritual beliefs. The painting reminds of hope, and our dream achievement. It is presented by using the image of the cat in colorful atmosphere that provides sense of aesthetics and beauty portrays images of hope, dreams and happiness which always be everyone’s wish.