• Noppadon Sangwalpetch Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University
Keywords: Distribution Centers, Community Products, Sufficiency Economy


The research project on creatively designing a service center for selling local products based on the sufficiency economy philosophy uses both qualitative and quantitative study methods from field survey, participatory observation, in-depth interviews and questionnaires to be analyzed and applied as a designing guideline on both local product and center.
The population in this study were people from “Khiri Wong Kot 1” weaving group in Udon Thani Province to collect data with questionnaires and interviews. The statistics used on analyzing the data were percentage, mean, and standard deviation. The study found that; By the study of basic information and products made from “Kiri Wong Kot 1” weaving group, it was assessed from the availability of the area, products and personnel. The study was divided into 4 parts; 1)The unique products of the group are hand-woven fabrics, 2)There is still a lack of center for managing hand-woven fabrics in the areas, 3)There is no management in the form of a member group with shares and deposit goods for distribution and lack of online sales channels, 4) Most of the consumers are tourists who come to take the E-Tak car, riding through the stream. Most of them are one-time purchases, and there are no other sales channels.
To develop a service center for selling local products, the suitable models for designing the center are 1) Traditional styles applied from old work inspiration, 2)80 percent of wood and 20 percent of metal are used to designed the center, 3)Dark, medium and light brown in the 60, 25 and 10 percent respectively with 5 percent of green color were the center tone. In addition, the design has to focus on orderliness, cleanliness, modernity, and light.
The results of the satisfaction assessment towards the center found that the center is suitable for use as a model for selling products at the highest level. There are suitable components as follows; the center has cleanliness and a well layout decorated with modern beauty. The decoration material consists of 80 percent of wood, making the colors in the center natural promoting uniqueness and friendly vibe.