• Kanyapat Petcharaporn Faculty of Science and Technology, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok Thailand
Keywords: purple sweet potato, cake, chiffon cake


Bakery products are the food of westerners. Making the cakes normally it has to use the very simple and high calories ingredients e.g. wheat flour, butter and sugar etc. From this topic, the researcher found that the application of using purple sweet potato as a high antioxidant level ingredient of Anthocyanin to be an interesting ingredient for making purple sweet potato chiffon type cake can be the good way for developing of valuable bakery and cake product and to be a new way of bakery products development that’s as a goal of the experiment. The application of using purple sweet potato for chiffon type cake making process by acceptance testing of 30 consumers using 5-point hedonic scale from the score 1-5 and analyzing by using statistic program with t-test, the result showed that.
The comparison of 5 factors, consumers accepted the purple sweet potato to be a new kind of cake from every factors has the high to very high score level from scale of Best [6] so we can conclude that the chiffon type cake from purple sweet potato can be an interesting, valuable product and can be developed in the new things of bakery products from the new and useful ingredient.