• Jutamas Moolwong Faculty of Science and Technology, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok Thailand
Keywords: churros, pumpkin, sensory


Churros has known in Thai as “Spainese Pa Thong Ko”, is star sprinkled shaped bread made from the dough that is fried into a long bar. It soft and crispy texture with sugar or cinnamon powder before serve. It’s popular dessert to eat along with hot chocolate, tea or coffee, considered as a unique dessert. It is also the traditional Spanish dessert that is famous throughout the world. Recently, Thailand has a culture of eating Churros widely. Due to the environment and Consumption behavior nowadays has changed. Thai people prefer to eat fried food as a main course and snack for providing energy to makes consumers happiness. The survey found that teenagers or working adults receive energy from snacks equal to 1 in 4 energy that should be intakes per day, resulting in the body receiving less beneficial nutrients. Based on the above information, the author is aware of the importance of the problem and has the idea to develop a dessert recipe based on slightly improving the formula in Churros pastry. In addition to reducing the amount of flour it, also helps adding nutrients to the dessert. By experimenting with supplementing pumpkin at an appropriate level and being accepted by consumers, selecting 3 Churros recipes was tested to get the standard formula that received the highest satisfaction score. After that, the standard formulas were used to supplement pumpkin at 3 different levels, namely 10%, 20% and 30% respectively. When studying the needs of target consumers who are likely to consume in the age of 18-25 years, a total of 30 people were tested. By Sensory evaluation and Consumer acceptability, the results were statistically analyzed by SPSS program analyzing one-way ANOVA and comparing the mean values by LSD. The result found that the Churros supplement with pumpkin at the level of 30% has the highest satisfaction scores; physical, odor, color, taste, texture, and overall liking. with an average of 3.87, 3.77, 4.00, 4.27, 4.03 and 4.37 respectively. From the experiment of adding pumpkin meat in Churros pastries helps to increase nutritional value. Emerging new products are alternative products for health conscious consumers and increase the value of pumpkin for local plants to have higher value as well.