• Mr. Pongsak Rungsong
  • Miss Narumon Chomchom


Good personality leads to high confidence and success in life. Personality development is very important for students in order to be competitive in the globalization and in ASEAN market. Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University aims to provide personality training programs in various forms every year. The success rate of the trainings depends on the level of participations with a variety of activities offered. The high level of participation rate, the better results of personality improvement of students. The objectives of this research were to conduct the survey investigation of level of participations from training development programs provided by Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University during the third quarter of year 2018 and to offer some valuable suggestions to improve the level of participation in various trainings
In order to find the results of research objectives, this study utilized both quantitative method and qualitative method to offer the answers. About 100 students was selected from training sessions to be sample group for quantitative method. Data collection was done by interview questionnaire. About 10 students was selected from variety of training sessions to be key informants for qualitative method. Data collection for insight information was conducts via in-depth interview. Statistical analysis was performed by using SPSS program. Mean, and standard deviation were mainly used for data analysis and generated results. The result of this investigation showed that the majority of students had a high level of participation on personality development trainings of the University. Fun activities had higher rate of satisfaction in learning as well as higher rate of satisfaction than some and serious activities. The suggestions from this study included find to offer more fun activities to motivate students to have high level of participation.