• Miss. Natthanicha Witthayathaworn
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Kevin Wongleedee


Factors of success are critical factors that need to be focus on the everyday management. The modern office management is very busy and needs a real practical way to increase both speed and quality of job assignment and services. Office management is one of the most important functions of university. Not only for the students and faculty members, but also for the staff members. Better management provides staff members with many kinds of opportunities for success and advancement. Successful in office management often reflects the level of satisfaction of staff members in the office. The objective of this research was to investigate feelings towards office management as well as the important factors of success that affected the positive or negative feelings from the staff’s perspectives. This study employed the qualitative research method which aimed to obtain the findings of an in-depth interview from two major perspectives namely: male and female staff. Each group would consist of 12 individuals and each group would set up to participate in a small focus group to tell their opinion about office management and provide their insight information together with valuable comments of how to improve the office management. The finding of the study revealed that the majority of informants expressed the positive feelings towards the office management and most of them had a highly positive comments of the opportunity for advancement. However, there were some suggestions such as improvement of effective communications, collaboration with other offices in the university, and training opportunities.