• Pongsak Jaroenngarmsamer
  • Jatuporn Ounprasertsuk
  • Pradapet Krutchangthong
  • Wanna Dumklieng


Abstract-- Postpartum is the period after birth to 6 weeks. The mother who tired form birth needs special care for her recovery period. Even though the natural healing process is good enough for most of the mother, additional care will turn the mother to normal physiology as soon as possible. In western obstetric care, the main recommendations after leave the hospital are having good quality and quantity nutrition, proper exercise and adequate rest. However, Thai traditional medicine offers many modalities to promote recovery and healing of the mother. Herbal use is one of them. The method of herbal use can be oral form by eat or drink, external use as bath, vaporization or compression ball by the therapist. Fire confinement uses herbal as combination of heat. Selection of the herb for each purpose is crucial. The risk and benefit of each herb are difference, along with their contraindication and prevention. Eatable herbs can be used as food or any other preparations. The list of herbs and their specification is gathered for the therapist and postpartum mother to reach these Thai wisdom and to maintain this wisdom to the ancestors.