• Charinthorn Fakkham
  • Wanwisa Janwibun
  • Phannee Rojanabenjakun


The purpose of this research was to understand the paralysis following the Theory of Thai Traditional Medicines, disease mechanism, diagnosis, and treatment. This research was a documentary research using qualitative approach. Data sources of this research were come from textbook of Thai Traditional Etiology (Kampi Samuddhadan Vinijchai), textbook of Thai Traditional Tales (Kampi Nithan), Kampi Chavadan, Kampi Kasai as well as interviewing three experts in Thai Traditional Medicine namely Mr. Boonyaporn Yeemee Boonthong, Mr. Sippakon Sopisakon, Mr. Pornchai Chanannithithorn, and Mr. Monthon Phetsee). The results of documentary research were found that Paralysis was a health problem caused by imbalance of wind according to Theory of Thai Traditional Medicine. This imbalance was contracted either of U-thangkhamawata wind concurrently combined with Athokhamawata wind, or body deterioration such as accident. Thus, paralysis treatment following Theory of Thai Traditional Medicine was done by food and wind element rebalancing. The patients were recommended to eat hot food and do exercise. Hot flavor recipes (also known as “Ya rot ron” in Thai) were suggested to paralysis patients because it can spread wind inside human body. Furthermore, treatment with laxative and analeptic as well as hand healing, massage, massage with hot pressing, and sauna with herbs can facilitate the problem and alleviate the paralysis. This outcomes of study can contribute to be basic knowledge on diagnosis of paralysis and apply for further study in the fields of Thai Traditional Medicine.