• Nuchjaree Ketsuwan
  • Aphirak Thitinaruemit


Factors of success for online trainings are so vital to the modern age of information technology. English communication training programs are not only for students to enhance their ability to communicate in English but also for faculty and staff members to have a chance to polish their English communication skills. In fact, there are many policies which aimed to support the university students, faculty and staff members to be able to work proficiently in the globalization. The online English training program is about 90 hours of self-study to complete ten lessons. The objectives of this research study were to examine the effectiveness of the online English training programs available for students, faculty and staff members at Suan Suandha Rajabhat University as well as to survey their level of satisfaction of the online English training programs. The population of the study included all 30,000 students, faculty and staff members of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. However, the sample size was calculated to be 400 who had been using the online English training programs during the first and second quarter of the year of 2018. In additions, only the selected samples who passed the minimum 80 percent of the 90 hours would be chosen as the sample group. Statistical analysis was conducted with the use of SPSS program. The dependent variable was the respondents’ satisfaction. The independent variables, however, were quality of teaching, material of learning, method of learning, time and schedule, usefulness of training, and the level of difficulty of English. Mean and standard deviation as well as t-test were utilized as the key analysis and generate the table. The findings were reported that there was a high level of overall satisfaction for online English training programs. Moreover, the five independent variables were directly and positively affected the factors of success for online English training programs. In fact, on line training have many appealing such as convenience, interactive design, studying at your own pace, many options, and variety of video lesion and practice tests.