• Sivaphong Orpong
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Kevin Wongleedee


Office managers nowadays are typically responsible for multiple critical operation functions. Their job satisfaction has been linked to both turnover and performance. It is imperative to identify whether a relationship exists among performance, turnover, and job satisfaction. One of the most important relationships is the one between the success of organization and satisfaction of managers. In order to enhance the level of satisfaction of the managers, it is necessary to have monitor their level of satisfaction by using information on their perspective. The objective of this study were to conduct a practical research to find out the level of satisfaction in the perspectives of office managers at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. The mixed of quantitative and qualitative research method was utilized to elicit the insight information, comments, opinions, and suggestions from the perspective of office managers. About 45 office managers was used as sample groups for survey research. About 10 managers were selected from various departments. An in-depth interview questions was utilized as the main research tools for data collection. The results from the study show that level of satisfaction had a direct relationship with their performance. Even though office managers had a very high level of satisfaction, but there are some important factors, such as teamwork, leadership, specific knowledge and skills, which contribute to their level of success. There were eight suggestions to improve job satisfactions for office managers: respect treatment for all, building trust between top level management and office managers, have job security, top management’s recognition of office manager job performance, empowerment to use their authority, close relationship with immediate supervisor, opportunities for training new skills, and compensation linked with job performance.