• Asst. Prof. Dr. Kevin Wongleedee


In fact, problems people, in a manager perspective, was difficult to handle for organizations because of its complexity. However, the majority of business which are the driving force of economy in Thailand are facing with this problems people in office. Therefore, it is imperative to investigate this problem in a small scale and for small business management. The aims of this research were to understand problems people in small business and small firms as well as to offer suggestions for proper handle problems people for small business and small firms.
In order to find the answers for this research objectives, a qualitative research study was conducted which was conducted by using an in-depth interviewing with 12 informants. Six of them were managers of small business and other six were from academic and policy makers who involved with the work of small business and government policy. They were asked to provide information on how to handle problems people in small business. Contextual analysis and both primary data and secondary data from focus group and findings of many researches were also used for data analysis and findings. The result of this study revealed that problems people affected the success of small business as well as affected the key success of small business. However, key success of small business often related to the composited characteristic traits of the small business. Problems people affected the effectiveness of leadership, communication, productivity, people skills, and teamwork. The suggestions from this study to handle difficult people in office included be calm and realize that it can’t be change, build rapport, treat a person with respect, focus on what can be done, and be positive and create positive environment.