• Asst. Prof. Chaithanaskorn Phawipiriyakliti


Quality enhancement is the important process of taking deliberately steps at activity that improve overall quality. In fact, Quality enhancement is vital to the success of modern ceramic industry in Thailand. The effects of highly standard of quality can be positively related to high performance, high productivity, and high sales volumes. However, the diversity demographic of industry will have different impacts on ceramic industry and could also be the factors to have different standard quality. This study aimed to investigate both the necessary and vital factors contributing to the quality enhancement of ceramic industry in the northern of Thailand. In order to answer the research objectives and research questions, this study had been conducted by utilizing a mixed method of both quantitative and qualitative method. For data collection of quantitative method, it is important to develop questionnaire survey. For data collection of qualitative method, an in-depth interview was conducted with 17 experts, managers, and local government officials to elicit insight information. The questionnaires were distributed to all ceramic factories and plants on the basis of convenience sampling. About 155 respondents were returned with proper answers and format. The in-depth interview was conducted with 17 experts in ceramic industry and a focus group who were having long experiences directly involved with ceramic industry. Data analysis and evaluation were performed by using SPSS. The findings from with study can be revealed that there was high success rate or about 92 percent to enhance quality at the beginning and planning process of ceramic. There was medium success or about 74 percent to enhance quality at the production process of ceramic. Finally, there was low success or about 39 percent to enhance quality at the final stage process of ceramic. There are three suggestions from this study. First, the focus on the quality enhancement should be on the beginning and planning process which proved to have highest success rate. Second, the quality assurance can be monitoring all and every step of production. Third, the quality enhancement should plan with the intention to save both time and resources.