• Thiraphon Chanthra
  • Ms. Narumon Chomchom


Critical success factors are the elements that are necessary for an organization to achieve its missions and goals. These factors must be apprehended to create required activities for ensuring the success of one or more desirable business goals. Key management factors and success of office management in many Universities of Thailand is often undermined by many management levels. Key management factors and success of office management, therefore, can be implemented by supervisors or directors of higher education organizations. It is imperative that for supervisors and directors to comprehend the understanding of modern key management factors of success and office management. The aim of this study was to identify key management factors and success of office management in various organizations from the perspectives of supervisors or directors as well as from the perspectives of academics. This research study was done by using mainly with quantitative research method. A total of 75 supervisors and directors of various offices, and departments were interviewed by using Likert scale questionnaire. In addition, a total of 75 academics was also interviewed by the same set of questionnaire. SPSS statistics program was utilized to gain data analysis. Mean and standard deviation were used for the purposes of statistical analysis. The findings can be reported that it was important to understand the three steps of determining key success of management factors. First is to pull together the team that will be working by using brainstorming. Second is to have both managers and staff share ideas and feedback of the current situation. Third is to conclude the key elements of the short-term and long-term goals. From the perspectives of supervisors and directors, it found that people skill factor, communication factor, teamwork factor, and leadership factor were the top four key management factors. However, from the perspectives of academics, reward factor, communication factor, people skill factor, and working condition factors were the top four key management factors.