• Asst. Prof. Dr. Sirilak Ketchaya


To obtain a feedback from students is a prerequisite to providing high quality services. Therefore, it is necessary for students to have an opportunity to offer their straight feedback on their recent visiting the computer labs in order for the management of the labs to improve service quality. Computer labs and information Technology office is considered by students as one of the most important offices of university. Due to the fact that it provides many kinds of important information technology services, hardware and software services, various trainings, internet, and modern computer laboratory facilities. To have student high level of satisfaction implies successful management of computer labs and often reflects high quality management. The objective of this research was to do the survey and investigate factors of services that affected the high level of satisfaction from the students’ perspectives. This study utilized quantitative research study which was conducted by interviewing with 200 students who were the regular users of services of computer labs and who had a willingness to provide honest feedback, comments and suggestions. Statistical analysis was performed by using SPSS program. Frequency, tabulation, mean, and standard deviation were used for data analysis and generated conclusion. The result of this investigation revealed that the majority of students reported a high level of satisfaction the service standard of computer labs and the overall mean was 4.78 with SD of 0.9812. From the means, the order of list of high level of satisfaction included the service provided by staff, organizations of trainings, cleanliness of the computer labs, the modern and upgraded of computer and its facilities, the opening and closing hours of the computer labs. The three important suggestions from this study include removing the physical barriers and open new level of communication, idea sharing, and problem solving, providing a well-balanced workplace with open floor space and with work benches, and keeping noise and distractions at a minimum.