• Jeeranan Wueamprakhon
  • Miss. Narumon Chomchom


Nowadays many universities have offered the hotel and convention facilities on campus in order to taking of their own guests in the best possible way. Campus hotel may have limited guests but they must be cozy, friendly, and generous treatment of guests. This is to confirm the importance of campus community, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, that require to have small campus hotel and managed by university’s staff and students. Most of Thai universities expect campus hotel can improve their service quality for its customers. The objectives of this research were to investigate the level of service quality and management as well as level of satisfaction from its regular customers as well as to offer the guidelines to empower campus management to improve their service quality and management level to the higher level. This survey was a mixed research method of both quantitative and qualitative research study. By using quantitative method, the researcher conducted an interview with 200 regular customers who were the main users of campus hotel services, Statistical analysis of this research was performed by utilizing SPSS program. Percentage, mean, and standard deviation were used for generating proper findings. In addition, about 10 domestic guests and 10 international guests were invited for a focus group to obtain more detailed information of how to improve the service quality. The findings of this investigation revealed there are five factors for success with modern campus hotel management: Ability to communicate in English, good personality, core knowledge of hotel management, and continuous rendered services. In addition, the majority of customers had a very high level of satisfaction on prices, location, and food & beverages. There are some important suggestions such as WIFI areas should be all over the hotel, not only in the lobby areas, free shutter service to the airport, more variety of buffet both for breakfast and dinner, and must have benefits of memberships for regular customers.