• Mr. Tanachart Natee
  • Mr. Aphirak Thitinaruemit


Making an effective training improvement is vital for the long-term success of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. Good training helps to increase productivity and save time at the same time. The modern training programs need to be improved at least in the perspective of the trainers themselves. It is imperative that Information Technology Office of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University to overhaul their training programs effectively to achieve the international standard. To be successful in terms of effective new training programs, the university needs to invest in people, skills, knowledge. The objectives of this study were to investigate training improvement from the perspectives of trainers and how to create suitable of assessment process. By utilizing qualitative research technique, a total of 15 trainers who were in computer labs in various departments of university at the second quarter of the year 2018 was subjected to an in-depth interviewed. Data collection was performed to gain their feedback, opinions, and suggestions. An in-depth interview was conducted to gain more in-sight information from these 15 trainers. The findings of this study revealed that the majority of trainers pointed out that assessment process was the weakness of the training programs and modern facilities and equipment was the strength of the training programs. It required the real reengineering process of assessment to achieve better results in the areas of topics, elements, performance criteria. Suggestions from this study included emphasize that training should be viewed as investment of human capital, training should focus on what employees’ need to increase their productivity, management level should encourage the training as one of the most important corporate culture, and finally there should be flexible training options.