• Mrs. Hatthayarak Aimsrikul
  • Mr. Aphirak Thitinaruemit


Satisfaction of faculty members for computer labs training covered a broad range of topics from quality of training, knowledge and skills from training, training schedule, service quality, computer facilities, management, policy, and physical conditions of the work place. The link between satisfaction of faculty members and computer labs trainings is vital to the success of higher education organizations. Satisfaction of faculty members can also be assessed by reviewing regular feedbacks. The aims of this study were to examine the university faculty members’ level of satisfaction from computer labs trainings as well as to investigate its positive results from high level of satisfaction. This study was a mixed method of a qualitative and a quantitative research study which was conducted by interviewing with 200 faculty members who registered for trainings at computer labs, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. A total of 10 faculty members was randomly chosen for an in-depth interviewed in order to obtain more insightful information. Statistical descriptive and analysis was performed by using SPSS program and LISREL program. The data collection and data analysis were conducted to generate findings for this study. The findings of this study revealed that the majority of faculty members reported a very high level of satisfaction from the trainings received from the computer labs with an overall mean of 4.54 and S.D of .8961. The factors contribute to the high level of satisfaction included quality of training, the modernization of computer and software program, cleanliness of the office, and flexible training hours. From the in-depth interview revealed that the results of a high-level satisfaction such as positive feedback, improvement in skills and knowledge, opportunity for growth and development.