• Miss Poonsiri Promkul
  • Mr. Aphirak Thitinaruemit


Modern facility and equipment improvement become one of the most important ways to enhance students’ level of satisfaction. In order to enhance the level of satisfaction of the students who frequently uses campus facility and equipment, it is imperative to choose which facility and equipment to improve from five dimensions model. The five dimensions of services include tangibility, responsiveness, reliability, assurance, and empathy. The objective of this study aims to conduct a classroom research to find out what should be standard of modern facility and equipment improvement at campus in the perspectives of students at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. The mixed of quantitative and qualitative research method was combined to obtain the insight information, comments, opinions, and suggestions from the perspective of students. About 100 students was used as sample groups for survey research. Approximately 20 students were randomly selected from freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students equally. An in-depth technique was utilized as the main research tools for data collection.
The results from the study show that these five dimensions had a direct relationship with students’ satisfaction in terms of facility and equipment improvement. Even though students reported that there was a very high level of satisfaction in these five dimensions of services. Of the five dimensions of service quality used for this study, there were found to be statistically significant with p-value of less than 0.05. There were tangibility, responsiveness, reliability, assurance, and empathy. There are many beneficial suggestions from students to facility and equipment improvement which include university’s building, general service equipment, restrooms, cafeteria, parking lots, and classrooms, library, and computer rooms. In fact, the majority of students suggest that there should be a sincere way to gather formal feedback to identify what is going well in terms of facility and equipment improvement.