• Mrs. Lalisa Sahanawin
  • Prof. Dr. Sirilak Ketchaya


Computer labs trainings and assessment process at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University aims to enhance student experience and provide students with modern professional and business & academic environment regardless of their different demographic information. In order to understand how computer labs trainings and assessment process, it is vital to identify the major reason why trainees want to use computer labs and how frequency of usage per student per semester, and what type of software that want to use, and what are major benefits of computer facilities service improvement. The aims of this study were to search for the benefits of computer labs trainings and assessment process benefits students. This study was a qualitative research which using the in-depth interview with two different groups of trainers and trainees who regularly use the computer labs for providing training or be trained. Data collection, from a focus group period, started at semester two of year 2018. The findings of the study can be summed up that there was an immediate need to improve from traditional computer labs trainings and assessment into modern styles of computer labs. The design of computer labs should be re-designed as active learning environment for maximize the benefits to the student preference and allow students to have access to advantages of new and specific software and advance of Technology. The assessment process needs to be more accurate by using inputs from both trainers and trainees.