• Mr. Aukkadetch Sintang
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Sirilak Ketchaya


With the higher education sector becoming very competitive industry, students’ satisfaction has been an important components of quality assurance of both academic and activities in campus. Student activities in campus is one of the best ways to provide learning experience for modern students. There are variety of campus activities provide students with many avenues for academic growth, personal and social growth. Suan Suandha Rajabht University provide many important activities that aims to promote student learning opportunities. Students’ satisfaction of campus activities needed to be measured the right way. The purposes for this study were to understand the measurement of students’ satisfaction in campus activities, a case of students in Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University as wee as to provide suggestions to enhance satisfaction in campus activities. A qualitative research method was conducted with the using an in-depth interview and small focus group of target students and university staff. A total of 10 students and 10 university staff who regularly engaged of the campus activities during the semester 2 of the year 2018. About 10 students from various departments were selected randomly. The findings of this study revealed that students’ level of satisfaction of students in participating in events, programs, concerts, sport events, workshops, trainings, and other campus activities depends on an individual preference. However, the overall level of satisfaction of students are linked with the level of involvement in campus activities. Suggestions for enhancing students’ experience of participating in campus activities. First is to allow students’ engagement of choosing activities and the objectives of activities. Second is to promote high level of participation in campus activities. Third is to promote positive attitudes of students, staff, and faculty members. Fourth is to allow students to participate in the assessment of each campus activity. Fifth is to have an objective way to measure students’ level of satisfaction of campus activities.