• Mrs. Anong Malivan
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Sirilak Ketchaya


Information Technology training is a mandatory knowledge of success of modern globalization. Without proper information technology skills and knowledge, human resources are at disadvantages in terms of its competitiveness. The office of IT in campus provides many kinds of information technology services, computers, trainings, internet, and modern software and facilities. Successful management of office of information technology often reflects the level of satisfaction of the users. The first objective of this research was to investigate the important factors contributing to positive attitude of students who were in the IT training classes in order to understand their users’ perspectives as well as to provide some suggestion to improve their positive attitude in computer labs training. The second objective was to study how students behave in the training rooms. This was a quantitative research study which was conducted by interviewing with 200 students who were the main users of computer labs and who had been registered for training IT knowledge. Statistical analysis was performed by using SPSS program. Percentage, mean, standard deviation, and factor analysis were used for data analysis and for obtaining the results. The result of this investigation revealed that the majority of students had a good behavior such as punctual, no noises, and no trash. Also, students had a high positive attitude on both office of information technology management & policy and on training programs. The list factors contributing to students’ high level of positive attitude of computer labs trainings included skills and knowledge quality of trainings, the high quality of service from IT staff, the modern and upgraded of computers and its facilities, the cleanliness of the office, and the atmosphere of the IT office.