• Mr. Aphirak Thitinaruemit


In general, high job satisfaction trainers tend to achieve higher productivity and loyalty. Whenever trainer as an employee feel that organization has their best interest at heart, the trainer often supports the mission and work hard to achieve objectives. Job satisfaction of trainers in computer labs is one of the most important measurements that human resources department can utilize this information to link their performance and productivity. Trainers of the university need to be evaluated in terms of each items of their job satisfaction in order for the university to maintain high performance. The objectives of this research were to investigate and examine level of job satisfaction: a case study of computer labs trainers of Suan Sunandha Rajabath University as well as what can be done to maintain the high level of job satisfaction. This was a survey qualitative research method that focused on the information provided on the questionnaire. About 10 computer labs trainers were invited to participate in a focus group. The results of in-depth interviewed and focus group revealed that the majority of trainers had reported high level of job satisfaction due to the generous of monetary rewards, opportunity for constant trainings, and opportunities for scholarship to present their research at international conferences. In addition, many university new policies regarding the flexible hours of working, working conditions, and opportunity for advancement are the key factors to improve the level of satisfaction. There are five best ways to evaluate job satisfaction of trainers: their turnover rate, their absenteeism, their engagement in duty and activity, their performance and productivity, and their behavior and attitude towards organization.