• Asst. Prof. Dr. Somdech Rungsrisawat


In modern globalization, it is vital for offices in every faculty of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University to use communication tools effectively to boost up the productivity and enhance decision making. The effective communication tools must include speed, privacy, security, power, ease of use, specific feature, and state-of-the-art technology. Some communication tools are productive but many are less than productive in terms of time, cost, and decision making. To ensure that the communication tools are feasible in terms of its practical usages of communication in office, the university needs to have a balance of these qualities. The objectives of this study were to examine the level of satisfaction with the balance of the qualities of effective communication tools as well as to suggest ways to improve the communication tools in the future.
This study employed both quantitative and qualitative research technique in order to provide answers for the research questions and research objectives. A total of 400 staff who were in office in various faculties of university at the first quarter of the year 2018 was interviewed. Data collection was conducted to capture their information, opinions, and comments. About eight of office managers was randomly selected to conduct an in-depth interview to obtain more insight information of how to improve communication tools. Statistical description and analysis were done by utilizing SPSS program and Excel program. Percentage, frequency, mean, and standard deviation were used for data analysis and for achieving results. The findings of this investigation revealed that the majority of staff who works with internal staff in the office had a high level of satisfaction with a mean of 4.76 on the balances of the qualities of communication tools. However, the majority of staff who works with committee members has only a medium level of satisfaction with a mean of 3.37 on the outcome of using communication tools. Suggestion from the study included implementing the reengineering process of communication tools to achieve better results of generate information, sharing information, and provide vital information for making decisions. Also, there should be the use the guidelines for balancing qualities of communication tools to make certain that the results and the outcome of implement communication tools ends with high productivity.