• Mr. Tawatchai Suphuan
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Kevin Wongleedee


Personality training is one of the most important business trainings that can enhance positive working attitude. One of the most significant measurements of the modern business success is the motivation factor of positive working attitude. This is because this factor can help to achieve goals, improve productivity, and job satisfaction. Personality is designed to correct problems of poor self-image, no motivation, and negative attitude. However, it is imperative to investigate if the staff who had finished personality training program have improve the level of positive working attitude or not as well as to find better ways to enhance positive business environment. The main objective of this study was to investigate factors from personality training that contribute to the enhancement of positive working attitudes from university staff. This study used a mixed research of both qualitative and quantitative method. A five Likert scales questionnaire was designed and developed for the aims of data collection and data analyzed. A total of 100 university staff who were in the personality training class was interviewed with questionnaire. Whereas, an in-depth interview was utilized to gain more insight information from 10 staff who had long experiences with the campus. Statistical description and analysis were conducted by using SPSS program. Percentage, mean, and standard deviation were used for generating the major results. The result of this investigation revealed that the majority of university staff had an improvement of positive working attitude in terms of decision-making, empowerment, authority, relationship with boss and peers. It also found that staff with positive working attitude often gets work done with less complains and be able to motivate other staff to do the same. Staff with working attitude often show high enthusiastic to job assignment and working well with other staff as well as become role model for others.