• Weerayut Darachart
  • Miss Narumon chomchom


Satisfaction of working conditions and productivity improvement of university employees covered a broad range of topics from working hours, policies, rules and regulation, organization cultures, remuneration, management, and physical conditions of the work place. The link between working conditions and satisfaction of employees is, in fact, vital to the success of business organization in the modern world. To understand that link between employees’ high satisfaction in working conditions would have positive relationship with their high productivity, willing to serve customers with high service quality, and the level of happiness in the workplace. The objectives of this study were to survey the university employees’ level of satisfaction from working conditions as well as to survey the relationship between university employees’ level of satisfaction from working conditions.
A mixed of qualitative and a quantitative research study were conducted by interviewing with 100 university employees who were the regular employees and a total of 10 management level was selected for an in-depth interviewed in order to gain more insightful information. Statistical descriptive and analysis was performed by using SPSS program and LISREL. Frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation and t-test were used for data analysis and generated findings for this study. The result of this investigation revealed that the majority of university employees had rated that they had a very high level of satisfaction on working conditions with an overall mean of 3.53 and S.D of .879. The list of high level of satisfaction included corporate culture, order & cleanliness of the office, above market remuneration, flexible workings, and quality of trainings.