• Mr. Chumni Ninaroon
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Kevin Wongleedee


In the modern globalization, human resources management is vital for the success of higher education organization such as Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. Leadership in human resources can motivate employees to be cohesiveness and boost up the productivity and improve decision making. To be successful in terms of leadership, the human resources needs to have a balance of these qualities. The objective of this study was to examine factors of success from staff of human resources. This study employed a mixed research of both qualitative and quantitative research technique in order to provide answers for the research questions and research objectives. A total of 220 staff who were in office of human resources in various departments of university at the second quarter of the year 2018 was interviewed. Data collection was designed to obtain the information, opinions, and comments. About ten of office managers was randomly chosen to conduct an in-depth interview to obtain an insight information of how to have a substantial leadership development. Statistical description and analysis were done by utilizing SPSS program and Excel program. Using percentage, frequency, mean, and standard deviation for data analysis and achieving results, then the findings of this investigation revealed that the majority of staff who worked in the human resources office had a high level of satisfaction with a leadership with a mean of 4.51 and standard deviation of 0.873. however, the results from qualitative method revealed five important ways to elevate the results of the leadership: Let employee know where they stand, allow employee to have self-control, encourage competency of employees, be positive organization, and striving for balance between quality of life and quality of working.