• Miss Jarana Sangthong
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Kevin Wongleedee


Job satisfaction is how employees think and feel about their job which affect their job performance, productivity, and turnover rate. In every higher education organization, it is vital for offices in every department of University to have high job satisfaction to boost up the productivity and improve work effectiveness. Some policy concerning the jobs are productive and many are counter-productive in terms of time, cost, and outcomes. To be successful in terms of the use of high job satisfaction in office, the university needs to have a proper working policy. The objectives of this study were to examine the level of job satisfaction as well as suggest ways to improve campus job satisfaction in the future. This study employed both quantitative and qualitative research technique in order to provide answers for the research questions and research objectives. A total of 120 staff who were in office in various parts of university at the first quarter of the year 2018 was interviewed. Data collection was performed to obtain their information, opinions, and comments. About ten of office staff was selected to conduct an in-depth interview to obtain more insight information of how to improve job satisfaction Statistical description and analysis were done by utilizing SPSS program and Excel program. Percentage, frequency, mean, and standard deviation were used for data analysis and achieving results. The findings of this investigation revealed that the majority of staff who works with other staff in the office had a high level of job satisfaction with a mean of 4.79. Suggestion from the study included to promote the career advancement for both male and female in every office, to create trust and respect among employees and management level, to enhance positive business environment, and to allow effective feedback from employees directly to management level.