• Rungkiat Siriwongsuwan Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Suansunandha Rajabhat University
Keywords: jazz orchestra, improvisation, response music language


Ode to my life in my country (Jazz Orchestra) this chapter. The composer is inspired by his experiences as a drummer in a big band and as a jazz-loving drum instructor. This allows the composer to bring composer materials that are similar to traditional Thai music and combine them with jazz composing techniques in order to best reflect the composer's specific music image in both stories. of the color of the sound musical technique Including beauty in terms of art and music as well The composer chose to present the compositions with a standard-sized jazz orchestra consisting of 5 saxophone groups, 4 trumpet groups, 4 trombone groups, and a rhythm section. Musical instruments play alternate roles in balancing the main idea. as well as the presentation during the improvisation session Improvisation section, which is considered an important part of contemporary jazz music. The composer gives full freedom to the performer in order to give space to express their comprehension and creativity. Including the skill that fully expresses the standard of individual performance by giving the scope and direction of the performance consistent with the composition as a whole.
The composer also places importance on the drum set, which is the main instrument in this composition. In which the composer has given the drum kit to perform various functions in the jazz orchestra, such as presenting various pieces of music, leading in presenting the intensity of the sound and accent of the band. Presentation of the musical language of response (Call and Response) and improvisation solos as well.