• Dr. Pichet Treewai College of Logistics and Supply Chain, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Bangkok, Thailand
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Hathaikan Chootrakool Faculty of Science and Technology, Suan Dusit University, Bangkok, Thailand


               Logistics has become widespread and popular in the business world. Due to the global trade mechanism, the public and private sectors have given priority to logistics. International trade has been rapidly growing in era of globalization. Logistics is therefore one strategy that will be used to increase trade competitiveness. This study uses the mixed research applying between the qualitative and quantitative approaches. Descriptive statistics and content analysis were analyzed for quantitative and qualitative approaches, respectively. The objectives of the research aim to study about service of standard logistic labour skills testing center and to develop management of standard logistic labour skills testing center. To explore the satisfaction of clients taking a service to the standard logistic labour skills testing center, the semi-structured questionnaires were conducted to 400 samples in quantitative approach. The reliability of Conbrach’s Alpha coefficient for the satisfaction was 0.896. The results showed that the testing center provides the overall satisfaction at the high level (3.73) and the individual satisfaction were center service (3.92), service fee (3.78), employee service (3.78), other facilities (3.59) and accessing to the center (3.49), respectively. The hypothesis testing of clients for the satisfaction to guidelines in developing the standard logistic labour skills testing center showed that there were no statistically significant difference between different factors of profile such as sex, age, education level, occupation and monthly income (p value > 0.05). To determine the direction in developing the standard logistic labour skills testing center, the indept-interviewing was used in the qualitative approach conducting stake holders of the center, which are representatives from administrators, employees and clients. The suggestion is to adjust the landscape and the atmosphere of the center.

Keywords—Logistic, Standard logistic labour skills testing center, Management