• Unchalee Kunju Student Development Division, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Rattanathip Rattanachai Wat Rajadhivas Vihara, 3 Soi Samsen 9, Dusit District, Bangkok Province,, Thailand
  • Somkiat Korbuakaew Demonstration School of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand
Keywords: Problem-solving, Creation, Individuals, Buddhism, Psychology


                The purpose of the research is to solve-problems for student individually in 2018, by studying 400 students' behavioral adjustments of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. The research found that 3.25% could not adjust to their lifestyle and 16.5 % chose to keep the problem to themselves and refuse to consult others. We can separate the problem into 4 groups: 1) personal problems, 2) problems with others, 3) environmental problems, and 4) family and economic problems. The researcher finds the process of problem-solving for individual students by applying Buddhism and Psychological principles to determine the patterns of activities. Which can be divided into 3 types, which are 1) Buddhism, such as listen to sermons, to meditate and to make merit, 2) Counseling such as sports therapy, music therapy, drawing, interaction with other people, tourism and 3) Psychiatrist. The effect of applying the principles of Buddhism and Psychology for solving the problem for student individually use activity, solving methods more than 1 activity and more than 1 category. From 15 students, found that 26.6% participated in 3 activities, 20% participated in 1 activity, 33.3% participated in 2 activities, 13.5% participated in 5 activities and 6.6% participated in 4 activities respectively. The researcher has the idea of information systems development to support the work of an officer in the future.