• Siratcha Samleethong Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand
Keywords: Master Pattern, The Inverted Triangle shape, Regular size, Body Shapes, Thai women


          The research Master Patterns Development for Thai Women’s Wear a Case study based on The Inverted Triangle shape, includes objectives to develop and adjust patterns to be used as master patterns for women’s wear which suit sizes and figures of Thai women. The sample group was women aged between 35-59 years in Bangkok. Their figures and sizes were scrutinized, compared with female figures/body shapes following the principles of anatomy. Then, they were brought to the professional tailor for cutting, analyzing, and evaluating the appropriateness of the pattern development. The next step was creating women’s wear master patterns for women based on The Inverted Triangle shape. After the exploration of body types of Thai woman in Bangkok, worked for government sectors, private sectors, and state enterprises, the findings indicated that when compared with general standard body types in Regular size or M size, most women possessed the body types in the inverted triangle shape (51%),Regarding sizes, when compared to standard sizes, the researcher found that there were changes in some crucial parts of the samples’ bodies such as shoulders, chests, waists, and hips. Especially for hips, they are 38-40 inches as per the statistical mean and tended to increase along with ages. Such information was presented as a guideline for master pattern development based on body types and by using the principles of anatomy to resolve defects so as to get good-looking master patterns that suit wearers’ ages.