• Teerapong Pongpeng Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand
Keywords: Hotel Industry, Management, Service Quality


Hotel industry is one of the most prolific industry to earn foreign exchanges from international tourists all over the world. The tourism and hotel industry are distinctively inseparable. The two industries often have positive relationship. High productivity management of hotel industry in Thailand is so significant for the success of both industries. High productivity management is a measure of the efficiency of products and services of the hotel which, certainly, can lead to greater level of satisfaction of the international tourists and greater profit. This objectives of this study were to investigate both the necessary and vital factors contributing to high productivity management of hotel industry in Thailand. In order to obtain the findings of the research objectives, this research had been conducted by utilizing a mixed method of both quantitative and qualitative method. Data collection of quantitative method, it was necessary to develop English Likert Scale questionnaire survey, whereas, data collection of qualitative method, an in-depth interview was conducted with 15 hotel managers to elicit insight information from their experiences. Data analysis and data evaluation were performed by using SPSS. The findings from with study revealed that there was high success rate or about 91 percent to plan high productivity management of hotel industry at the beginning and planning process. There was medium success or about 73 percent to implement high productivity management of hotel industry. Finally, there was low success or about 57 percent to achieve high productivity management of hotel industry at the final stage process. There were some valuable suggestions from this study. First, high productivity management program required a continuous support from the top level management. Second, for every step of implementation, there must be a closely monitoring and checking to gain feedback. Third, the use of resources must be effective and efficiency.