• Salakjit Sansasom Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Natnichar Kleebbuabarn Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand
Keywords: Campus E-bidding, Level of Satisfaction, Participants


E-bidding is the system promoted by the government to be implement in all public universities to be fair, accurate, and effective to all various participants of the system. Campus E-bidding of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University is one of the stable and effective systems that had been implemented with top level of management, staff, and technicians. The integrity and equity of E-bidding system is vital to the success of the finance office and purchasing system of university management. The E-bidding must be constantly monitoring to keep the image of strong prudential and integrity. Therefore, the level of satisfaction of various participants is necessary feedback to comprehend. The purposes of this study were to investigate the level of satisfaction of campus E-bidding from various participants and to understand the benefits of campus E-bidding. By using a proper technique of quantitative research technique, a total of 100 main users of E-bidding from various departments of university at the summer of the year 2019 was subjected to an interviewed by questionnaire. A Likert-five-scales interview was designed, developed mainly to gain more in-sight information from three groups: management, staff, and bidders. The findings from the sample group revealed that they were very satisfied with campus E-bidding system. Public relation news offered by university often offered the bidders with correct information, useful information and timely information. Overall, the campus E-bidding system had met the sample group expectation. However, there were some suggestions from their feedback that can help to enhance the system. The system of online E-bidding system needs to include the background of all the bidders and must be able to check and monitoring every steps of the work progress. The E-bidding system needed to be more stable and allowed all participants to gain the updated information instantly.