• Tanachart Natee Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Apisit Rattanatranurak Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand
Keywords: Facebook, Subscribers, Image, Campus News


Public Relations for enhancing the better university’s image is essential to the modern success of the university in Thailand. The use of social media, especially Facebook, is considered as one of the most effective public relation tools as well as the lowest costs. Satisfaction of the everyday campus news is a vital measurement of the extent to which the university image sufficiently meets the customers’ expectation. In order to answer the real research problem, many opinions and feedbacks from the main subscribes of campus Facebook play an important role. The objectives of this study were to examine the main subscribers of public relation news from campus Facebook about their feedback and to sum up their suggestions to improve the campus news services. By utilizing a quantitative research technique, a total of 150 main subscribers from various departments of university at the summer of the year 2019 was subjected to an interviewed. A Likert-five-scales interview was designed and conducted to gain more in-sight information from three groups: students, staff, and faculty.
The findings from the respondents unveiled that they were very satisfied with campus public relation news offered by the staff of the university. Overall, the campus news had met their expectation. However, there were some suggestions from their feedback that can help to enhance the better university’s image. There are five suggestions from this study. First is to offer more positive attitude and behavior of university stakeholders. Second is to have a real time campus news. Third is to improve the accuracy of the language of news contents. Fourth is to improve the quality of news pictures. Finally, the focus should not on only the top management of the university, but also the students and faculty members.