• Kunyaphat Thanakunwutthirot Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand
Keywords: Systematic Planning, Approval Projects, Information System, Information Technology


The development of systematic planning of information system for the office of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University is necessary and significant to the success of modern educational institutions. Most of the projects in campus involved the use of effectiveness of systematic planning of information system to reduce cost of times and money, therefore, the success of systematic planning has a big impact to students, staff, and faculty members who may rely on high quality of information system directly or indirectly. The close observation of systematic planning is to ensure that the vitality of progress as expected and as planned.
The objective of this research was to gain formal feedback from those who involved in the operating of the systematic planning of information system. This study employed mainly qualitative research method to induce the understanding of what were key factors to the success of systematic planning of information system to ameliorate the level of success of the related campus projects. This research method used an in-depth interview and small focus group of staff. In fact, about 20 staff who were involved in the implementation of the development of systematic of information system from semester 2, year 2019. A total of 10 female staff and 10 male staff were selected randomly. These sample groups were willing to participate in the in-depth interview. The findings revealed from 20 respondents of this study showed that there were four important factors that had impacts on success of systematic planning. First, the important need a full participation from both staff and management level in the computer and information system areas. Second, for each phrase of the systematic planning, the budget must be allocated when there was a real evidence of progress. Third, each project development must be implement strictly according to the plan approved earlier. Fourth, the need to have an independent group who must be free from the pressure of all parties internal and external.