• Somdech Rungsrisawat Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand
Keywords: Service Quality, Online, Trainees, Satisfaction


Quality improvement for the campus communication training is very significant for the efficacy of training programs. Since the reputation of high quality will draw more and more registrations which would result in high revenues for the university. There are two quality improvements which is quality improvement of teaching and quality improvement of managing the courses. It is vital have quality enhancement for communication training session based on objective data. The aims of this study were to investigate both quality improvement of teaching and quality improvement of managing the courses and to offer guidelines to improve both types of qualities. To obtain the results to the research objectives, this study had been conducted by utilizing mainly a method of qualitative method. For data collection, it is important to design and develop in-depth questiones to elicit data from the trainees. The in-depth questions were used with a sample of 20 trainees who were registered with communication training programs during the first quarter of fiscal year of 2018. The findings from with study revealed that there were high level of satisfaction with both quality of training and quality of the managing of the communication training programs. However, there were a gap to improve both quality of training and quality of managing. Suggestions from the study included, first, it was vital to separate the classroom with students of different level of proficiency. Second, allow a flexible time to learn and should be able to learn some materials online. Third, all learning material should be able to download online for the convenience of trainees and free of charge.